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A Traditional French Moroccan Cafe with a Family Story

Every family has a story. Welcome to ours!

It all started with a busy father trying to spend more time with his children. After years of traveling around the globe for business, the newly resettled Touhami needed a project locally. Preferably, one he could rope his kids into. And so Touhami went about realizing  a life-long dream: to open a Traditional French Moroccan café complete with pastries, delicious coffee, breakfast, brunch options, and authentic French Moroccan dishes. 

Like any good businessman, Touhami made use of his assets. After finding a space directly across from City Park in mid-2016, Touhami enlisted his daughter Miriam and his son Jamil to help promote and design the Café-to-be. Over the course of the following year they built counters, met coffee distributors, talked to local business owners, and generally went through the process of learning how to run a café. After several iterations, Touhami decided to name the Café after his daughter. Opening day in June 2017 took them all by surprise. With a line out the door and people hankering for coffee and a rapidly dwindling stack of pastries, the family team was forced to hit the ground running.

A few years after that first hectic day, the Café has grown into a neighborhood fixture and now includes crêpes, sandwiches, and traditional Moroccan tagines. New staff has come and gone leaving their own distinct mark upon the space and the food. Miriam and Touhami can still be seen, once in awhile, working behind the counter, always eager to chat with the customers who have allowed their dream to come true. 

touhami and miriam.jpg

Touhami (left) and Miriam (right) during the early days of the café. 

A Glance at Our Café

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